Supergirl season 4 episode 5 review: Kara reports on aliens; James goes undercover

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The story of Supergirl season 4 episode 5 was about, at least in part, trying to turn the tide and help aliens who so desperately needed it.

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Unfortunately, sometimes there is very little that you can do to make hateful people suddenly realize that there is another way to go about things. Kara did her best tonight in order to put her journalism skills to use. She knew of a powerful alien with a positive goal of trying to heal others of his kind. He was notoriously shy when it came to interviews, but she managed to get him to sit down for a conversation. At first, it felt as though this interview worked to change some minds; yet, it also led to death threats and someone stealing her notable subject’s amulet — something that was helping to keep him alive.

This seemed to be, in the end, also tied to the main villain of the episode: Jensen, the one-time agent at the DEO who ended up becoming something a whole lot more because of a parasite that was taken from his former place of employ. What that meant was that Jensen could absorb, at least temporarily, the powers of whatever alien he came into contact with. At first, Alex and the DEO thought that this was something that they could potentially wrangle. After all, what they needed to do was find a way to give him so much energy that he couldn’t handle it — basically, he could overload as a result of this.

Unfortunately, just like Kara seemed to misread her situation with her report, they also misread Jensen going quiet as something not anywhere near as terrible as it was. As it turned out, the alien’s amulet was stolen in hopes of giving it to Jensen, where he could then use it to eventually become invincible and destroy every alien in his path. This was a problem. A HUGE problem — especially after the notable alien fell so ill and Jensen headed with his amulet over to a ceremony of support for him. It was a way to take on a number of aliens all at one time … and a way for us to tear up over the thought of what was going to happen as a result of it.

The showdown

The moment that Kara and Alex arrived to the vigil, they knew that they had their work cut out for them — especially since Supergirl herself couldn’t actually interact with him without putting herself in enormous danger. It was more Alex’s job to try and find him and stop him … and that was a problem. At first, her energy-charge blasts didn’t do enough, so it come down to the DEO team coming up as a pretty-clever plan in order to have Supergirl help the civilians. Meanwhile, Alex did her best in order to use diplomacy to convince Jensen to stand down. It worked, and with that, nobody else had to die in the crossfire.

In the end, the amulet was returned to its rightful owner and, temporarily, all was good in the world. Well, at least most of it was. Kara didn’t love her new boss throwing J’onn under the bus. (J’onn, meanwhile, was busy taking care of some things of his own; he’s starting to become almost an alien version of Magnum PI, especially with that hat he was wearing at the end of the episode.)

As for Lena and James…

Tonight, the two parties did their best in order to play politics and speak with other powerful people in the city. Unfortunately, in the process they realized that it wasn’t as easy getting support for aliens as it once was. James is having a hard time dealing with the sentiment by people in his own industry, and on the other side of tonight, he decided that the best thing that he can do is go undercover as Guardian and try to figure out from within who the leader really was. Basically, the search for Agent Liberty is officially underway more than ever.

CarterMatt Verdict

Supergirl season 4 may have delivered one of its better episodes of the season tonight, even if we wouldn’t call it a revolutionary one for most of it. Kara still decided to continue reporting on aliens despite what happened tonight, and that was a move signifying that sometimes, you have to pick yourself up in the midst of potential failures. There are some hard hurdles you have to climb sometimes but the end result may be worth it.

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