Criminal Minds season 14 episode 7 video: A killer every 27 minutes

Criminal Minds season 13For everyone who loves Criminal Minds at its most intense, current signs suggest that season 14 episode 7 is right up your alley. The title here is “27 Minutes,” and that tells you a big part of everything that this story is going to be about — someone is being killed by an UnSub every 27 minutes, and that leads to an all-hands-on-deck sort of situation with Emily Prentiss and the remainder of the BAU team. The promo below offers up a small bit of insight into what’s coming up here.

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So what is the first order of business for the BAU … or what should it be? If we were to put on our investigative cap here (what other cap would we wear in this sort of article), we would say that #1 on the list is trying to figure out what the motivation is for some of these actions. Most notably, why would someone be killing every 27 minutes? What’s the reason to go along with this particular idea? Once they figure that out, they may be able to narrow the field down to some possible future victims. If they cannot find the killer using GPS tracking or anything else, they’ll have to get creative and start making some bold predictions … unless the killings are totally random.

What makes finding the UnSub even harder? The fact that there may be more than one person behind the killings! While it seems as though Emily Prentiss is speaking to just one person in the promo below, there may be a whole network of these evil-doers running things behind the scenes.

What else is coming up for Prentiss?

Even though the promo itself doesn’t disclose it, be prepared for a personal storyline for her courtesy of the bond she forms with the man she is collaborating with on this case in Mendoza. Maybe something more blossoms out of this? Even if not, the two are going to need each other in order to ensure that the bad guys don’t get away with this. This will test the team’s urgency and resources in ways that we don’t often see. Remember here that this group really doesn’t have that big of a staff compared to other parts of the FBI. That’s why it is going to be an inter-unit-hunt for the people responsible here in the first place.

Check out this Criminal Minds episode when it airs on CBS Wednesday night — if you want to support the show in a big way, be sure to watch live! The most-recent ratings improved on the week prior, but they need to stay in a positive direction.

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