Jersey Shore Family Vacation Part 2 episode 14: Is Snooki pregnant?

Jersey Shore Family VacationNext week, Jersey Shore Family Vacation Part 2 episode 14 is raising many different questions. For starters, is Snooki pregnant again? That’s a question that is posing to all of us herself in the promo below for next week’s episode.

Why would she even think that? Well, this idea seems to be spawned, at least in part, by her claiming that she is not feeling well. That leads to speculation, and that leads in turn to a scene in the bathroom. Why do all of these conversations happen behind closed doors in the bathroom? Do some of these people really think that cameramen can’t hear them in there? Yeah were looking at you and French Fry Ronnie!

Well, we don’t actually think that Snooki is pregnant — wouldn’t we have heard about something pertaining to this story in the headlines if she was? Beyond that, it’s a kind-of-uncomfortable topic to discuss because in one way, because it’s really none of our business. Yet, it’s broadcast on a reality TV show where almost everything is our business. It’s hard to find the right trade-off within that.

Beyond just what’s going on here, there is another order of business and it’s something that is FAR more familiar to longtime viewers of the show: The idea of Ronnie maybe sneaking around on the woman that he’s with. He gets drunk, makes a mistake, and then lives with the aftermath of it. We’ve seen that numerous times with Ronnie  over the years on this show, most recently with the first part of the show in Miami earlier in the spring. Yet, it’s a little bit too early to know if that is actually the case here. There’s not enough video evidence! He’s clearly got himself in a position that he shouldn’t be in, really to the point where he could get himself in trouble; yet, it’s still not clear as to how far he’s taking it.

Of course, we do still need to go back to our original point that we made weeks ago with this show: It really just feels like Ron’s personal life is too messy with this show and he needs a long break away from all the craziness to figure things out. Of course, we do think that he’s probably going to get that given that it’s hard to envision a Part 3 happening while The Situation’s in prison and Deena welcoming a baby into her family! That’s two cast members who probably wouldn’t be available from the jump, and then you have to ask seriously if Vinny wants to really be around Angelina again. Add to this JWoww’s complicated personal life and Pauly D’s DJ gigs and it’s a scheduling nightmare.

Let’s just live in the now of all this — the weird, CRAZY now that Jersey Shore Family Vacation seems to be pushing into entering next week.

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