Supernatural season 14 episode 5 review: The story of Bobby and Daniel

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Tonight, Supernatural season 14 episode 5 forced Dean Winchester in to what was a pretty precarious position. Through the first two episodes of the season, Jensen Ackles was playing Michael and gave as many different orders as possible to kill hunters. Unfortunately, some of these problems ultimately came back to haunt Dean in a big way during this hour.

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The problem for Dean is that he and Michael’s motives are diametrically opposed. What is working for one is clearly not working for the other. This is what happens when you have someone like Michael running around and issuing orders to murder hunters. It leaves Dean in a spot where he has to pick up the pieces … and also try to keep some of Michael’s cronies from carrying through some of their murderous plans. Throughout some of what we saw tonight, Dean had to figure out a way in which to clear one particular home from who was basically a hunter-hunter, ridiculous as that was to say. Beyond just that, Sam and Dean both had to deal with some most-unwelcome help during their stay. This is what happens when (at least at first) they were beat to the punch by Mary and also Bobby.

The getting-to-know you phase of the story with Bobby is interesting given that he’s similar and yet different from the version we’ve come to know … though he does still say “idiot” in the way in which he loves so dearly. This is a version of the guy who does have secrets of his own though, which led to him eventually talking with Mary about his son — who he encountered while out in the woods. It’s all a part of a devastating history that he has — he and Daniel (at least prior to the angel wars) were a team working together. In the aftermath of the war, Daniel was … changed. Now, he’s left in this perpetual state of haunting where the actions of the war are hanging within his mind.

The final minutes

Maggie, after being found by Sam and Dean, found herself a new temporary home within Donna’s cabin. Meanwhile, Bobby is in need of medical attention after what he went through tonight in between Daniel and the hunt. Everyone is set to have to pick up the pieces from what they encountered tonight in their own way — some of it is physical, and plenty of it is emotional.

Also, supercharged monsters are apparently going to be the new villains du jour for the characters moving forward. It’s a new breed and beyond that, a dangerous breed.

CarterMatt Verdict

Aside from stopping a Michael-minion, Supernatural was about helping Maggie for Sam and Dean, and also about Dean realizing that even though Michael seems to be gone, the remnants of him still remain in some other physical forms. Learning that this Bobby had a son, and that losing his son redefined him, adds a new layer to the story for Jim Beaver, however long he is on the show this season. It brings back some of the father/son dynamics that were here back when Jeffrey Dean Morgan was a part of this show. It’s just hard to know where it leads.

In the aftermath of “Nightmare Logic,” the question we ponder is this: What matters more, Dean learning the truth about Michael’s creations or Sam, Dean, and Mary learning more about this Bobby? One way or another, both seem to matter moving forward.

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