Is Debbie Allen leaving Grey’s Anatomy, Catherine Avery role?

Catherine AveryIs Debbie Allen leaving Grey’s Anatomy and the role of Catherine Avery coming up in the future? There is definitely a real concern for that.

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After all tonight’s new episode of the series features the long-running recurring character revealing something that no one wants to hear from anyone affiliated with this show: She is in the midst of a major health crisis. She’s been very hesitant to open up about it to anyone, hence one of the reasons why she opted to quietly bring down Meredith and Koracick from Seattle to handle the issue. This is one of the ways in which she could better ensure that there was a deft touch here and that no information got out that would be detrimental to her new Catherine Fox foundation. Just think about it this way: There’s not a lot of value that comes with people learning about her condition. It may cause donations to trickle down or theories to surface as to if she is able to do her job properly or not.

At the end of the episode, the bad news was revealed fully as we learned that Catherine is suffering from cancer, and with that, she needs to have some sort of aggressive treatment plan — she also needs to have Richard and the rest of her family on her side. That’s probably going to be a work in progress, especially when you consider some of the other stuff that is constantly going on in their lives. Remember that Richard just got arrested and Jackson is going through a lot, even if his situation is such that it is rather hard to completely define it.

For now though, it’s rather hard to envision there being Grey’s Anatomy without Allen and we don’t think that she’s going to be leaving the show. For starters, she’s very involved behind the scenes of the series as an executive producer and director. Beyond just that, her character is always one that can come and go from the show since there’s no obligation for her to appear on the show regularly as it is. She’s got the sort of enviable flexibility that most people out there within the TV world would want.

In the end, we imagine that there will be some answers coming in due time.

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