Last Man Standing season 7 episode 6 video: Vanessa’s mother is here!

Last Man StandingWhen Friday night’s Last Man Standing season 7 episode 6 comes on the air, there’s going to be quite a bit of fun to be had and you can go ahead and thank Vanessa’s mother for that!

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Susan Sullivan of Castle fame is the primary guest star within this half-hour, and the sneak peek that we have for you below gives you a pretty immediate sense of how she fits in with the rest of the family. Typically within the sitcom world, the common trope here is that Sitcom Dad always hates and complains the mother-in-law. It’s something that has played out to great comedic effect since the very beginning of time, and it would have been easy for Last Man Standing to do something similar here. With Tim Allen’s trademark snark, it would be certainly easy for many fans to lap some of that up.

Yet, it’s clear after watching this that the writers are intent on doing something a little bit different here! It just so turns out that Mike actually gets along with Vanessa’s mom, and it is actually Vanessa who has some reservations about her coming around. She tends to correct her on just about every little thing, including flower arrangements, and needs Mike around to be the emotional buffer. He needs to get to work, but she arrives before he can skedaddle and she basically proves Vanessa’s point for her. She can be a know-it-all, but she is surprisingly warm and complimentary to her son-in-law — even when it comes to his diet!

Sullivan has a knack for playing these big, eccentric characters, and that’s one of the reasons why this show is going to benefit heavily from her presence. As for the larger story as a whole, there are some things still to unpack there that are not in this sneak peek. As cool as Mike may be with Vanessa’s mom now, imagine what he will probably do when he learns that she and Ed start to strike up a bond? If Mike’s worked up about some environmental worksheets for Outdoor Man now, just how much space will this occupy in his mind? Probably enough to fill a few different Outdoor Man stores!

Part of the fun for this show though, is constantly finding a way to change up the Baxter family dynamics and having this character get close to Ed certainly wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. For starters, it would encourage Sullivan to come back at some point for more. Beyond that, seeing Mike’s reaction to their bonding could be all sorts of priceless and that’s the kind of stuff you want for a show like this. After all, a big part of Last Man Standing’s original premise was “watch Tim Allen be comfortable.”

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