Criminal Minds season 14 episode 7 review: Did Prentiss land herself a date?

Emily PrentissWe have really enjoyed the character of Luke since he joined the Criminal Minds cast, and after last week’s emotional episode all about him we are even more invested then we were before. We saw a few different sides to him including a really broken down vulnerable side to him that made us just want to give him the biggest hug on the planet (Lisa was there to do that for us). As much as we wanted to see him get together with Garcia (and we haven’t given up on our love for Garvez) the show has decided to move his relationship with Lisa to the next level as they decided to move in together. Although we saw Luke’s love life move in a positive direction, his work is in a really bad place. Prentiss has him riding a desk and he has been demoted until further notice. After defying her direct orders and going rogue, she really didn’t have much of a choice, but how is that going to affect the team as they face a new UnSub tonight since he has so much to bring to the table?

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If you were worried that Luke wasn’t going to be in this episode since he’s stuck at the office, there was nothing to be worried about because he was still able to work the case with the rest of the team. Tara and Garcia were still at the office too and were able to start breaking down some of the clues together, so it didn’t feel like we were missing him much at all. As the case progresses and time was running out Prentiss makes a call on Luke being benched… she needs him out working the case and it’s all hands on deck.

The UnSub tonight is so terrifying that our team at the BAU is going to be teaming up with another team within the FBI Washington office headed by a man named Andrew Mendoza (who is also impossibly handsome by the way) to try to catch this person before they kill again – and they only have 27 minutes to get it done since they are killing someone every 27 minutes with a machete. Although the case was pretty intense, the thing we liked about it so much was seeing Prentiss front and center running this case like the total boss she is and although she was working with Andrew more so then the rest of the team, there was some nice chemistry here between these two. They quickly developed a really strong connection where they work well together and supported each other when they started to waver. It’s obvious how much Andrew admires how Prentiss is handling this case (and we are pretty impressed too!) and even tells after they catch the bad guy that her reputation as a bad ass doesn’t do her justice.

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CarterMatt Verdict

We have gotten a lot of personal episodes this season on our team and while this wasn’t necessarily a personal episode diving into Prentiss’ life away from the BAU, it was a really powerful episode for her just the same. Paget Brewster commanded every scene she was in tonight with such beautiful finesse including the last scene of the night when she plants the idea of her and Andrew grabbing a beer together and he changes it to a full on date. It’s been a while since Prentiss had any kind of romance on this show and she certainly deserves a smart, handsome guy like Andrew!

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