Chicago PD season 6 episode 7 review: Did Jay, Atwater save a mosque?

Chicago Pd season 5 teaserTonight, Chicago PD season 6 episode 7 offered up another example of trouble that spawns when a case turns personal. For Jay Halstead, this one was no matter what direction he looked.

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Everything began tonight with the bombing of a local Army recruitment station and some possible ties to a mosque and a controversial, outspoken leader. The challenge within this episode was trying to figure out who was guilty and who were not; or, if someone was trying to just give the mosque a bad name by setting them up to look like the guilty party in all of this.

Intelligence was desperate to get information, but uncovered along the way that information would be tough to come by. That’s why they had Atwater undercover as Abdul, a man desperate to get information as to whether or not some mosque members were actually planning large-scale attacks. Meanwhile, the feds started to move in and that led to (big shock) a contentious relationship between them and PD. Atwater at one point was even interrogated and roughed-up. That’s a sign that your undercover skills are legit — even the cops don’t know that you are actually a cop!

For Jay, it was obvious why he was so wary about the case. He served time in the military and he was familiar with some of the vets around the case. He wanted to do everything in his power to ensure that these people were treated well and those who were guilty were brought to justice … even though it led to him occasionally having a hard time trusting anyone he came across. We don’t want to say he lost his temper, but you could see him on edge and struggling to keep his focus for most of the episode.

The truth behind what happened

It wasn’t the members of the mosque who were responsible for what happened to the Army recruitment station at all. Instead, it was the job of Jake, a violent man who was convinced that the leader of the mosque was funding anti-America terrorist organizations. He blew up the recruitment station, effectively, to throw everyone off the scent. It was away to get eyeballs darting in one direction so that he could form a sneak attack and hit the mosque itself when nobody saw it coming. In the climax of the episode we saw Atwater, alongside everyone within the mosque, being held hostage while he barged in there with guns and explosives.

Eventually, both the feds and PD realized that there was only one way to potentially get through to Jake: Bringing in Jay, one of the few people who could get through to him. He understood what it was like being in the service and how that could get into your brain. Unfortunately, Jake was so turned-up that even Jay wasn’t getting through completely to him.

In the end, this became a team-up more than a solo mission.Jay was able to keep him talking for long enough in order to ensure that Atwater could jump Jake and take him down. The two worked together in order to stop him; with that, they saved countless lives.

CarterMatt Verdict

Judgment is one of the worst offenses a person can have. This is precisely what pervaded through this episode — whether it be with the feds, with Jake, or even Atwater. This case was not anywhere close to what it seemed and the writers did a good job of having you look in one direction, only for the truth to be somewhere else. Chicago PD has been on a hot streak as of late and while this one didn’t exactly contain any huge personal revelations for many of the characters that could last beyond this episode.

Consider this episode another reminder, though, that with the right material, Jesse Lee Soffer can dominate almost every scene. He did that in the closing scenes tonight, as he admitted that perhaps his bias got in the way of him seeing the truth with this case as soon as he really should have.

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