Mayans MC season 2: The large-scale impact of Happy’s arrival

Mayans MCAs we start to drive away from Mayans MC season 1 and towards season 2 on the horizon, there’s a clear narrative twist that is moving things along. Its name is Happy, and it creates some of the most unhappy circumstances possible for one EZ Reyes.

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EZ now realizes that Happy, a man we came to know very well from Sons of Anarchy, may be responsible for the death of his mother many years ago. It’s dipping far back into that character’s past and revealing a secret that never came to light on the flagship show. (Then again, why would it? There was no reason for us to care about a family we didn’t know way back when.) This twist is meant to detonate EZ’s brain and send him on a path of vengeance, but what’s so interesting about this is that the Happy eight years ago isn’t the same as the Happy at the end of Sons of Anarchy. This is a character many Sons of Anarchy fans are fond of, so how do you reconcile who he is, how we feel about EZ, and what Happy seemed to have done? That’s the juggling act for the series; co-creator and master juggler Kurt Sutter to figure out going forward into season 2.

For the time being, Sutter is being careful not to give out too much information to the press, though he is making it abundantly clear that the goal here is to not tell the story of Sons of Anarchy season 8 just because Happy is now important to this story. It’s more just about finding an interesting story twist to guide and/or torment EZ in the next phase of his life.

For more on this, here is what Sutter had to say recently to The Hollywood Reporter:

I don’t want to misrepresent the idea that next season, we’re going back to Charming. We’re really clear when we come back in flashbacks and in the narrative to remind fans when [Happy killed EZ’s mom] eight years ago, Happy was a nomad. He was freelance. He had no ties to Charming. I don’t want to misrepresent the direction of the series. But is it a cool way to intersect mythologies without f–king with what we did in Sons? I think we’re managing to do that. I love when s–t happens organically like that, when it’s authentic. It allows me to continue doing what I love as a storyteller, which is making people’s heads explode.

There will likely be more crazy moments like this to come in season 2 without even bringing in more Sons characters, largely because there is that attachment now to the Mayans and some of the people who are there. It’s a little different now than in the pilot, when we didn’t know these characters so well as a viewer and we constantly found ourselves scanning the scenery for familiar SAMCRO faces.

Mayans MC season 2 will hopefully premiere on FX at some point in 2019. For more on that subject, take a look at our new premiere-date speculation piece here.

How do you think Happy should change things entering Mayans MC season 2? Be sure to sound off now in the attached comments. (Photo: FX.)

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