Is a Breaking Bad movie, or at least one in its universe, happening?

Apparently, AMC is starting to get a little mad with power over doing original movies now that they have multiple Rick Grimes movies coming out. We’re still not sure if it’s a good or bad thing.

What we know right now is this: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Vince Gilligan is working on some sort of Breaking Bad universe movie. As for precisely what that pertains to, much of that remains up in the air. Maybe it’s a TV movie, maybe it’s the Jesse Pinkman continuation everyone thinks they want as a feature film, or maybe this is really just a extended two-hour version of “The Fly.” (Okay, it’s probably not this, but  one can dream can’t they?). Apparently, there is some evidence that he’s at least working on something, and that this said something may be operating under a working title of Greenbrier.

The thing that we really wonder about here is this: What more could we really want with this series? What else is there to tell, especially given that so many characters from the original series are either dead or have their stories wrapped up? Gus, Hank, Walter and Mike are all dead, we’re not sure there’s enough material for Skyler and Walt Jr. to carry a film on their own, and does anyone want to see Saul Goodman’s future carried over to a movie? Just make that a part of Better Call Saul season 5 and offer us up what we’ve been begging to see with this show for years! Unless this is another prequel touching on some other character’s early days (maybe you can do something with Gus here), it’s hard to really no quite what the narrative appeal is because outside of a Gus prequel, does anyone really want to watch Walter White teaching chemistry and living his suburban life before he broke bad? Sounds kinda dull.

Yet, it’s clear that AMC wants to get into the empire business when it comes to movies. This news comes trickling in days after it came out that they are working on some Walking Dead movies with Andrew Lincoln, otherwise known as them trying to squeeze every last ounce of liquid gold they can out of that franchise. Given that Breaking Bad is one of their most-successful franchises, it makes a certain degree of sense to dive back into the well. Once AMC starts making movies out of Rubicon and Halt and Catch Fire though, we’ll start to wonder if being mad with movie power is turning into full-on insanity.

For now, speculate away about this news since odds are they’re not going to be quick to announce too much more than this. Also, remember that the Better Call Saul writers room is already open and hopefully that means that something will start to materialize for this show in 2019. If AMC really needs to get in the empire business, that empire should be not making us wait a year and several months between seasons.

Do you think that there should be a Breaking Bad movie in some shape or form in the future? Be sure to share in the attached comments. (Photo: AMC.)

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