Ink Master season 11 episode 11 video: Art with invisible paint

Ink MasterWhat’s coming up on Ink Master season 11 episode 11 Tuesday can be best described as an entertaining test of the artists’ patience. After all, few things are harder than being told that you have to paint art that you can’t actually see.

The teams are tasked here with trying to create a perfect work of art using invisible paint, and as you can imagine, that is a next-than-impossible thing to do. You can’t quite tell how this is going to look before you actually see it, and that’s not something that is altogether easy to take on. Yet, we do think that Christian Buckingham’s team has the right idea in taking advantage of the scenery and nature around them. If you cannot see precisely what you are drawing, at least you do have a pretty good model to look at. You basically just have to stay focused on precisely what it is that you are looking at and deliver from there.

Alas, the preview that CarterMatt has for you below doesn’t actually give you the completed works of art here. Isn’t that a reason to watch live tomorrow night?

Do we think that these flash challenges are that meaningful, at the end of the day? Sort of. They do give you a somewhat inherent advantage since you get the skull picks and at this point in the competition when there aren’t that many artists left that really matters. The winning team can scope out obvious problems like bad tattoo ideas or placements … though a contestant can always convince a canvas to do something a little bit different from what has been suggested. Sometimes, though, these issues go out the window when you realize things like a person having a low tolerance for pain or the design not quite working out on the skin as you wanted. Getting the right canvas is important, but it’s not the be-all, end-all of this competition as many people out there have seen play out over the years on this show.

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