NCIS: Los Angeles season 10 episode 6 review: Is Nia Long leaving? Mosley’s story

NCIS: Los Angeles

Tonight, NCIS: Los Angeles season 10 episode 6 sought to resolve as much of the Mexico mission is possible … including what’s going on with Shay Mosley.

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Through most of this episode, the entirety of the NCIS LA team did their job in order to locate her after a recent string of events, including her killing a prominent cartel member. There was a million-dollar bounty out on her head, and eventually she found herself in a position where she may need to screw over some other members of the team in order to ensure her own safety. She’s always been about helping out her son, but helping out her own career in the process. That’s why there are no surprises when it comes to this character.

Eventually with this episode, the final question became simple: Is Mosley really going to betray everyone? Is this all a part of some elaborate scheme? All of this was rather jarring given that at one point in the series’ run, this was a character who was more by-the-book than almost anyone else in the entire franchise. Now, she is a woman who is willing to kill and hold agents hostage in order to ensure that she gets some of what she wants.

To the surprise of no one, Mosley’s meeting with the cartels ended up in a shootout as Sam, Callen, and the rest of the team all managed to track her — even while Deeks was indisposed dealing with the annoyances of a prosecutor who wanted answers as to what was really going on overseas. Eventually Callen and Shay were face to face and she made it clear that she wasn’t selling out the team, but that she needed to figure out a way in order to fix this. After that, she took off and we’re left with many a question as to where things are going to go from here.

CarterMatt Verdict

Is Mosley gone for good with the show for good? Not necessarily, but at the end of the episode it was clear that Callen wasn’t going to pursue her and hunt her down. She seems to be out in the wind now — maybe we are going to see her again down the road, but we are clearly not there now. We don’t think Nia Long’s exit from the series is necessarily permanent, but we don’t imagine we’ll be seeing her again in the near future.

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