Legacies episode 2: Dragons, deceit, and is Landon a threat?

Legacies cast photoTonight, what we saw on Legacies episode 2 was a reminder that this is a show completely unafraid to get crazy.

After all, this episode brought us a wide array of crazy things, whether it be fire, a dragon, black magic, and Lizzie getting into a fight at a sporting event. We also saw Alaric move firmly into dad mode the moment that he realized that Hope was practicing a death spell that she was getting set to unleash on Landon in the event that she needed to.

Through Alaric’s speech, what we realized more so than anything else is that he is very much protective of her, and also still afraid that she will eventually end up becoming Klaus. That’s the last thing that Alaric ever wants.

Also tonight, Josie admitted to Lizzie that she did black magic with Hope last week in order to find magic, and she even used a little magic during the game — the same one where Lizzie started said fight when things were turning nasty. There’s a part of this Josie / Lizzie story that feels a lot like Riverdale, but we’re fine with that given the fact that this show needs to not just feel like the others within the Julie Plec universe. It needs its own identity, and a part of that apparently is establishing the sisterly bond between these characters. They can get along for a few minutes, but then soon after that be involved in a fight before turning back around and saying sorry.

Where is Landon?

We know that this is one of the big questions throughout the episode, but in the closing minutes he explained in letter form to her that he did take the knife. He is an outcast and he claimed that he lied in order to protect himself. Through this letter, one of the things that we explained was that he wasn’t exactly evil. He’s also not going to tell anyone about the secret of the school.

Basically, we come out of tonight feeling like Landon isn’t a threat to the school; yet, he does still have a larger mission that Hope or someone else may have to deal with.

Oh, and your cliffhanger: The gargoyle is alive.

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