The Flash season 5 episode 4 review: The source of Iris, Nora’s tension

Flash season 4
For most of The Flash season 5 to date, there’s one big question that we’ve wondered: Why does Nora West-Allen hold something against Iris? There’s been a clear divide for most of the past few weeks, and that was finally explored further in tonight’s “News Flash.”

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As it turns out, Iris many years in the future makes a shocking decision when it comes to her daughter: She chooses to put a power-dampener into her skin to keep her from being able to understand or realize that she has the gift of speed. Why do that? On the surface, it didn’t make any sense. It still didn’t even after the two fought at the end of the episode, and when Barry stood up for Iris, it made Nora want to move out.

As for the villain of the week, this one was a little bit different than most since it thrust the media into the center of the story … or, at least it did a super-notable blogger who just happened to be a former colleague of Iris’ at the paper. Spencer was very good at her job … but too good. As a matter of fact, she could cause headlines to happen just by having people look at them. This was a fascinating story mostly because it, at times, turned Nora and Iris against each other — and, it also gave us Nora and Barry fighting after XS saw a headline saying that she killed The Flash.

Back to Cicada

This was the better part of the episode, mostly because we got to see Sherloque Wells and Ralph “The Giraffe” Dibny work together in order to figure out some answers. It started off with a tip all about the mask via Ralph, and from here the two were able to piece things together over time. Basically, the crashed satellite at the end of season 4, something that stopped the enlightenment from happening, also created meta tech. What that means is that it gives people power that they may not have had on their own, separate from them.

At the end of the episode, we did get another reminder that this is a guy in severe pain and that whatever he is doing is taking a toll on him. Yet, he’s also figured out that he does have some abilities of his own beyond of course the dagger that he is using.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Spencer part of the story was, at least from our vantage part, pretty lame. It wasn’t something that we needed to see; with that being said, the Cicada story offered up many a fantastic moment to sink our teeth in as a viewer. We also don’t really like the whole Iris suppressing Nora storyline mostly because they seem out of character for Iris. After much of what she did helping Barry over the years, why would she take something away from her own daughter?

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