NCIS season 16 episode 7 review: New Gibbs rule and a Ducky sighting!

Mark HarmonTonight’s episode of NCIS should really be a fun one in a lot of ways, but the one thing we’ve been hyped up for all week is the fact that (on Bishop’s advice) Torres is going to be checking out goat yoga. Living in California we’ve heard a lot about how awesome goat yoga is from some friends of ours who have gone to it. Some of our friends had a really fun time while another one had a goat pee on their mat. We love animals so this is something we really want to try and over all the experience sounds to be a lot of fun (minus the goat peeing part).

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Torres is up for just about anything (as we have seen over the years) so it wasn’t too surprising that he wanted to try this out, but his experience wasn’t as great as some of our friends have had. It seems that a goat jumped on his back during yoga and threw it out – to the point that he even had to go to a chiropractor. The biggest thing about this whole situation to us is that Bishop was supposed to be there with him and had to bail, but these two are obviously spending quite a bit of time together outside of work which is exciting for all of you out there that are shipping these two! By the end of the episode Torres stopped by Bishop’s place for them to try this goat yoga thing once again, he’s not going to be taken down by a goat.

The case of the week had the team chasing a street artist who may or may not have been murdered. It became really murky when they found someone who was claiming to be the actual street artist saying that the person who was killed was a fake. She struck up a really good relationship with Bishop over their love of art (and we learned that Bishop was an artist herself in the past) and it was enough to help the team find the actual killer – which is lucky for her since she is also a target from this murderer. They of course found the real killer and took him down, but after all this the show still left us wondering if they were working with the real street artist or if they were also a fake.

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CarterMatt Verdict

The case of the week about the street artist was fun, but the highlight of the episode for us was seeing Ducky back! We don’t get too many appearances from David McCallum these days so any time we have an appearance it’s a real treat especially his interactions with Jimmy – we just love the dynamic and banter between them. Also, it seems that maybe we got a new Gibbs rule – “Never meet your heroes”, which is good advice since many times they don’t live up to the hype in your mind (even happened to us once). It’s been a while since we’ve gotten a new Gibbs rule, so this was a really fun edition to the episode.

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