Bull season 3 episode 6 review: Was Marissa’s marriage in trouble?

Geneva CarrTonight, Bull season 3 episode 6 shook things up when it comes to lives of the members of TAC — in particular when it comes to Marissa.

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The case at the heart of this episode was a tough case for her involving her husband Greg — he was put on trial as the responsible party in a deadly accident at his restaurant. Yet, was he actually guilty? He insisted that he wasn’t, he kept the place clean, and that he cared about his staff and wanted to make sure they were all okay. He loved his business and what he did, and he wasn’t trying to take advantage of anyone — especially not for insurance money.

There were two main orders of business within this episode: TAC trying to figure out whether or not Greg was truly guilty (he wasn’t), but also Marissa trying to figure it out at the same time. She wanted to believe him, but the problem she ran into here is that because of her last love interest in Kyle, she’s a little less trusting than she used to be. She had to look after herself now which is why she made sure that, one way or another, she could move forward with at least Greg or TAC by the end of the case, if not both.

Luckily, Marissa doesn’t have to make a choice now. As it turns out, Greg’s chef was actually the one who started the fire, an act of arson designed so that he could eventually form a new partnership elsewhere. Bull questioned Greg hard at TAC, and upon realizing that he was innocent based on his behavior, was able to find the evidence to determine the real criminal. That was the work of Benny in the courtroom, and now Greg gets to be free. At the end of the episode, he did express some disappointment that Marissa was not there for him during all of the case; she explained herself, though, and he seemed to understand where she was coming from. With that, it seems as though this too shall pass.

CarterMatt Verdict

Greg seems, in the end, like a guy trying to do his best now — even if he’s made some very bad decisions in the past. This episode was important for establishing his relationship with Marissa, and both Geneva Carr and David Furr did a good job establishing this relationship and making it feel loving — that can be sometimes hard to do when you don’t know one of the two characters all that well. This episode of Bull was a trying one both on the client and on TAC, but it was once more a favorable result.

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