Supergirl season 4 episode 3 review: The backstory of Ben Lockhood

Agent Liberty

Supergirl season 4 episode 3 was far from your ordinary episode of the show. Melissa Benoist was barely in it and the vast majority of the hour was geared all around Ben Lockwood and how he ended up becoming Agent Liberty.

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At first, Ben wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, and he was at the very least tolerant of aliens — he even tried to protect one. Yet, that was before a series of terrible events happened to him. He got hurt on accident by an alien, his father’s company went under as technology went far ahead of his capabilities, and following all of that, his house ended up being destroyed in part due to what happened with the Daxam invasion at the end of season 2. His speeches at college became increasingly hateful and xenophobic, and eventually he lost his job because of all of it. He thought that aliens were taking over his town and nobody really seemed to care about it.

Do we think that this episode was meant to make Ben sympathetic? We don’t think so much that; yet, it was meant to show you that there was a chain of events, starting from his upbringing until the present, that caused him to think the way that he does. A villain does not simply become one overnight.

Eventually, Ben did become Agent Liberty after he started to put together a support group, and then found himself in allegiance with Mercy Graves and her brother after that. He didn’t have the resources to get an operation like this off the ground but soon after that, he did. They helped him concoct his plans, and he was able to use some of his charisma in order to ensure that more people got on board the cause.

Meanwhile, while all of this was going on, in the present Kara was suffering after the spread of the toxic atmosphere. Lena Luthor had a solution, but it resulted in Kara being confined in a specific environment (think, a new suit) while the team finds a solution.

CarterMatt Verdict

It’s hard not to discuss this Supergirl episode through the lens of politics, given that this Agent Liberty character is someone who clearly has political leanings and this is meant in some way to be relevant to what’s happening in the real world. It shows that sometimes, a course of events can lead to a man becoming a monster, but those events do not justify its behavior. While a tad heavy-handed and also coincidental (how has he run into so many series regular characters already?), we do think that this episode could prove itself worthy of inclusion if the story really pays off down the line.

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