Survivor: David vs. Goliath episode 5 review: Jacket wars

David vs. Goliath
Tonight, Survivor: David vs. Goliath episode 5 brought up a lot of great stuff — a weather evacuation, use of the word “brochacho,” and another immunity idol hunt. We also had Jeff Probst saying “this is Survivor at its finest” while we were watching people slowly on a puzzle. We’re not entirely sure what his definition of good Survivor is.

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This was a very good episode, even if we went in a fairly predictable direction with Jabeni going to Tribal Council … but we’ll have some more on that soon. Let’s talk about the tribes individually here first.

Vuku – Over on the orange tribe, we’re going to make a simple argument: Why not throw the challenge? If we were them, that is something we would have considered to get rid of Kara, someone who has close ties on the Goliath tribe and won’t be on the David side down the road. There wasn’t too much that went on there, but that’s okay since we had a LOT of craziness last week.

Tiva – Meanwhile, over at the green tribe Christian started to immerse himself with the “brochacho” group and with that, Gabby is even more on the outs. There’s a pretty clear pecking order over there, but the reality still remains that we don’t see a situation in which this tribe loses an immunity challenge soon (even if they did lose the reward).

Jabeni – This is where we spent most of the action tonight, and there was some interesting stuff that went down here given that Mike and Angelina had a tough decision to make. Do you want to keep someone in Natalie who is a nuisance at camp, or someone in Lyrsa who is on the other side of the game? The truth is that Mike and Angelina couldn’t stand Natalie, but losing Natalia was in their mind. Do you want to lose another Goliath?

What was really entertaining tonight was the battle over the jacket. Basically, Natalie stuck her neck out tonight after Angelina was complaining that she was cold and how she wanted Lyrsa’s jacket, which looked really warm and comfortable. Did Natalie bully Nick? We wouldn’t go that far, but she was a billion times too harsh and she was playing the game recklessly … and ridiculously entertaining. There was also the argument over the eggs and when they should be cooked. Natalie loves to be in control, and that’s something that she’s reinforced time and time again.

Who was voted out?

Natalie. Mike was the one who flipped; we’ll see how that works, but on the surface, that feels like a mistake since she wouldn’t have turned on him. We’re also incredibly disappointed since the most entertaining person of the entire season is now gone from the game.

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