Chicago Fire season 7 episode 5 review: Boden vs. Gorsch hits fever pitch

Dawson's fatherTonight, Chicago Fire season 7 delivered an hour that delivered, first and foremost, an epic battle with Gorsch on one side and Boden on the other. Gorsch was out to make Firehouse 51 into a living hell, punishing people for the tiniest infractions any opportunity that he possibly could.

So why was he acting like this? It really wasn’t because Gorsch himself had any interest personally in going at Boden — it was all about Chief Grissom and the differences he and Boden had. The more that Boden tried to rebel, the harder things got. By the end of the episode, Boden was starting to be faced with a really terrible choice: Either try to keep fighting or just let him win, step away from his role, and then work out the rest of his career at a desk. He didn’t want to do that.

Also, Severide had a last-resort idea to turn things around: Talk to Benny, given that he was close to Gorsch and that could help to change things. Stella was worried for him, but she made it clear that she’d be there if things went south — with Benny, they almost often do an you just have to be prepared for it. Benny didn’t see altogether receptive to the idea at first, but eventually he went along with it — or, at least it’s something that he may consider. We’re going to be left to wonder this for a little while.

Now, let’s get to the other story tonight that makes us raise an eyebrow — what in the world was going on tonight with this reporter in Naomi? She turned up after a mobile-home fire in order to figure out what was going on to cause some similar fires, and she was pretty determined and resourceful in her efforts. Why was she getting so close to Casey with this, and does she have some sort of ulterior motive? It doesn’t feel like this story is over, and it definitely doesn’t feel at the moment like we have all of the answers just yet.

One of the funnier/stranger stories tonight was the staff of Molly’s trying to figure out why business was going down. It turned out to be deal with a customer who was angry over the fact that the bar was getting too crowded. One of the more surprising ones was learning that Emily Foster was bisexual, and has had her fair share of boyfriends and girlfriends over time.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, Chicago Fire season 7 episode 5 delivered a ton of drama, but we don’t necessarily think that the fandom is going to be that receptive to Naomi — she seemed to be giving off a seriously-flirty vibe and we’re not sure Dawsey fans are going to be having that. Yet, the good news here is that Casey didn’t make any sort of move here — he did the job asked of him and then left.

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