Is The Gifted new tonight on Fox? The upcoming schedule ahead

Gifted season 2 episode 1

Is The Gifted new tonight on Fox? Given the trajectory of the story right now, isn’t it fair to want more pretty much immediately?

Unfortunately, we’re not going to be so lucky with that, as Fox has decided to shelve the superhero drama for at least one week thanks, in whole, to the World Series over on Fox. Baseball is completely taking over the airwaves over the next several days and how long it goes really depends on the quality of the two teams.

Obviously, if you are rooting for either the Red Sox or the Dodgers, you want the series to go on as long as possible provided that one of the two teams involved wins. Yet, if you are just rooting for The Gifted to come back as soon as possible, you’re probably rooting more for whoever is the first team to four wins. If the World Series comes to a close in five games, that means that there will be a new episode of The Gifted next week. However, if that doesn’t happen, the series is going to remain in repeats — and if you asked us, it would be then better for the series to stay off of the air until after the Midterm Elections. There’s not anything altogether beneficial that comes from airing opposite this particular competition, mostly due to the fact that it could end up being a ratings vacuum depending on what happens.

At the moment, The Gifted is in need of basically every bit of ratings love possible. With the Disney – Fox merger, coupled with the current ratings at the moment, there really just isn’t all that much incentive for the show to come back for more. We think that it needs to make a strong case for sticking around and really, one of the best ways in which for that to happen is for the show to have a consistent ratings schedule, one where some other series cannot end up hurting it.

Once there is more news on The Gifted and the schedule, we’ll have some additional updates for you here.

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