Magnum PI episode 5 review: Cyndi Lauper appears; Magnum, TC’s bond tested

Magnum PITonight, Magnum PI episode 5 brought you an emotional story, one that put the character of TC in the spotlight. Along the way, it threatened to tear his relationship with Magnum apart.

At the foundation of the case tonight was the father of one of the kids TC coaches. There were some reasons to believe that he was guilty, but TC insisted that this was not exactly the case. He knew this man, just as he knows most of the people who are affiliated with the team. He spends a lot of time helping these kids, and he understands their world. The problem was that TC and Magnum had very different perspectives on this case and what was really happening here.

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Yet, as skilled as Magnum may be, he’s smart enough to realize that sometimes, he’s not altogether right. That was the situation tonight, as he came to the determination that this case was not what he thought that it was. He apologized to TC, and then after that, he used his chopper in order to eventually pin the true criminal. Also, we saw TC even distract Katsumoto with an emotional story from his past so Magnum could extract the full confession from Brooke Mason, a woman who basically orchestrated a crime without knowing or understanding the full story.

With that in mind, TC was able to get the boy’s father out of prison — he wouldn’t face major charges, and he could move forward with his life. Meanwhile, Magnum and TC could also move forward as friends.

Beyond the story of the case, one other wonderful thing about this episode was getting to see the incomparable Cyndi Lauper as a Saul Goodman-esque attorney, someone who had no problem getting her hands dirty and also playing fast and loose with the rules. We certainly hope that there are some other appearances from her in the future.

CarterMatt Verdict

Tonight, Magnum PI delivered an episode that was about friendship, as Magnum and TC worked through some of their difficulties in order to work together in order to solve the case. It’s not often we get to see friendship explored like this. The only major critique we’d offer is for more Cyndi Lauper, whose appearance really only lasted a matter of minutes in the grand scheme of things. We are looking forward to spending some time with some other characters, just for a chance to get to know them a little bit better.

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