Blue Bloods season 9: Crafting the strongest Danny Reagan story possible

Blue Bloods season 9

We want to start off this particular Blue Bloods article with a minor spoiler warning: We will be talking about upcoming episodes here. Sure, our course is official information from CBS, but we know that there are some viewers who do want to be surprised by what’s coming up next.

With that in mind, let’s get into posing the following question: How do the show’s producers craft the strongest story possible for Danny Reagan? How do they find a way to make that happen? It seems as though they may already have a way in Delgado. Lou Diamond Phillips’ character was seemingly killed off during the premiere episode, but we’ve since learned that this was not actually the case. Instead, we’re going to see him turn back up later this season; the body that the NYPD found headless was not his.

Now that we know that Phillips isn’t going anywhere in the near future, wouldn’t it behoove them to set up a season-long arc with the character? We know that Blue Bloods is a procedural, and with that, the writers are not suddenly going to be stringing together episodes with a continuous story. Yet, wouldn’t it be great to have Danny vs. Delgado in November, in February, and then a final showdown for an episode or two in May?

We know at the moment that Delgado may have more secrets — he insinuated in the premiere that he may have been responsible for Linda’s death, and if that is true, it does change many of the parameters when it comes to how Danny feels about what happened. It’s great material for Donnie Wahlberg as an actor, and it also sets up some incredibly intense scenes of conflict.

Beyond all of this, seeing what happened with Delgado and Danny trying to sell him out in the premiere escalates things further. If Danny has kept him from assimilating again into his old group, Delgado’s going to want revenge and he could get it in many different ways.

We don’t like to see Danny suffer, but we do like fantastic conflict and stellar performances. Keeping Phillips around is the perfect way for that to happen.

Do you think that we should keep the Danny – Delgado conflict going all season? Share right now in the comments.

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