Criminal Minds season 14: Meet Prentiss’ new love interest!

Emily Prentiss
Mrs. Carter: could Emily Prentiss on Criminal Minds find someone even in the midst of investigating a case?

Based on the current report that is out there, it seems like it’s possible! According to TVLine, Stephen Bishop (Imposters) is set to appear in a multiple-episode run coming up as an SSA named Andrew Mendoza who just so happens to get close to Paget Brewster’s character — the head of the BAU team.

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How we meet Mendoza is a fairly interesting story within itself — there is a killer on the loose in Washington, and their M.O. seems to be killing someone with a machete every 27 minutes. Prentiss ends up working alongside people within the Washington field office and with that, she ends up having a good rapport with someone in charge in that department. This could be a fun development just because it gives Emily someone to talk to outside of the BAU — plus, fingers crossed for some lighthearted moments along the way. I know from some of Brewster’s other work that she can do a wide array of different genres within a single show!

Criminal Minds season 14 is trying its very best to hit on a number of different notes throughout this season — you have the case-of-the-week, and then you’ve also got some personal stories. That’s something that was clear on this past episode with Daniel Henney (read his full interview with CarterMatt here), and you will see that in the future with some other characters, as well. Wednesday’s episode in particular could be a good one for both Garcia and Prentiss, as Penelope struggles to get through the trauma of the kidnapping at the start of the season. That’s where Emily comes in to lend a helping hand. Beyond that, there are of course many different notable stories coming, including a super-creepy Halloween hour directed by Matthew Gray Gubler.

What do you think about the idea of Prentiss having a new love interest on Criminal Minds season 14? Be sure to share some of your thoughts in the comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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