Mayans MC episode 8 preview: Who’s on the run?

Mayans MCAs we move into Mayans MC episode 8 airing on FX Tuesday night, one thing feels clear: There’s potential for chaos. Not only that, but there’s potential for Miguel and the cartel to do some desperate things now that we’ve seen yet another terrible thing happen to him.

At the end of this past episode, the DEA showed up to the Galindo family compound, and it appears as though more arrests could be incoming; meanwhile, it also seems as though Emily’s baby could be taken from her again, which really just continues a trend of this happening to her over and over again. We know that the rebels have proposed an alliance-of-sorts with the cartel, but this feels mostly like yet another setup in order to further ensure that they get one over on them and fulfill some of their own goals.

There are some other mysteries currently up in the air, including what happens next with Coco after the shocking act of matricide and also if the Mayans ever figure out whether or not there’s a mole and if it really matters anymore. There are a lot of threads still open, including if something about Felipe’s past is going to eventually trickle down to his sons. Some of this could unfold next week, or it could unfold weeks down the road. Either way, we are not altogether inclined to forget about it.

For a little more information regarding what’s coming, CarterMatt does have the Mayans MC episode 8 synopsis below for your reading pleasure:

EZ’s past continues to haunt him, but present horrors give him a new perspective. Written by Andrea Ciannavei & Kurt Sutter

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The most important thing worth noting right now is where we are in the series. There’s not too long until season 1 is at an end, and given what we know about these particular writers,it’a fair to assume that there will likely be some fireworks / character deaths before then. This is not a world where everyone emerges safe.

What do you think is coming with Mayans MC episode 8 right around the corner? Share right now in the comments. (Photo: FX.)


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