The Conners premiere. Did Roseanne Conner die of an opioid overdose?

The ConnersGoing into the premiere of The Connersthe reports were that Roseanne Conner would die of an opioid overdose. Did that turn out to actually be the case?

Well, consider this to be one of those rumors that actually did turn out to be true — in the first part of the premiere episode, we learned that Roseanne did in fact die of said overdose. The news was broken, and much of the rest of the epsiode was about coming together while also working to establish what some of the new family dynamics were going to be.

If you were angry about ABC firing Roseanne Barr, you’ll probably consider the entirety of this episode to be a slap in the face. Yet, we think that it may have been written in some ways as a reference to Roseanne claiming that Ambien is the reason for her making a racist remark on Twitter, one that led to the rather-prompt cancellation of her show.

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In terms of the humor of the show, The Conners was not altogether different on Tuesday night, giving you the same sort of blue-collar, sometimes cheesy commentary that you got back on season 10 in the spring. We do think that all of the headlines somewhat took away from the fact that Roseanne season 10 was mostly a middle-of-the-road show anchored by really strong talent like Sara Gilbert and John Goodman. They were able to left the premiere somewhat tonight, as well. There was some emotion in the episode, a lot of jabs, but also some evidence that everyone is eager to move forward.

Throughout however long The Conners lasts, we imagine that Roseanne is always going to be the elephant in the room. How much the series wants to reference her remains up to debate, but it’s something that is always going to be there, hovering over the series. The social-media base out there certainly won’t let anything else happen here.

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