The Resident season 2 episode 4 review: Marshall’s big move

The Resident season 2
The Resident 
season 2 episode 4 delivered some emotional stories, but also showed you what Marshall will do in order to protect his son.

Tonight, Tanc Sade made a prominent guest-starring appearance as Josh Robinson, a patient who decided to sue the hospital over its treatment after going through some of the recovery process. He claimed going after Conrad, a guy who broke the rules in order to help save him, was not personal; yet, Marshall really thought otherwise. He didn’t want to run the risk of his son’s reputation being tarnished, so what he did instead was orchestrate a secret payout with Josh to ensure that Conrad never finds out about this and he is able to move on with his career.

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Yet, what do you really think the odds are of Conrad never finding out about this?

This entire episode was in a lot of ways really all about watching people do things of a questionable morality — especially those in power. Take, for example, AJ seemingly letting Mina go to ortho just because he was upset with some of the things she was saying. Or, take a look at Dr. Bell taking advantage of a concert stampede in order to screw over other hospitals. He decided to forgive the concert victims’ medical bills at Chastain and called on other local hospitals to do the same, knowing full well that they were the ones who actually had more of the notable patients.

Granted, Chastain did have one particularly high-profile patient in one of the performers at the concert, someone who Julian idolized and was excited to see at the episode’s end. Dr. Bell, of course being Dr. Bell, used him to send a message of hope to the victims as a part of his elaborate stunt at the end of the episode. Basically, another way to pretend like he cares even though he really doesn’t.

CarterMatt verdict

Is this the most cynical episode of The Resident ever? It’s easy to say that for a number of different reasons, whether it be Marshall trying to bail out his son or Dr. Bell taking the most cynical view of a large-scale tragedy possible. This whole hour really illustrated the difference between the medical and business sides of the hospital as we saw characters take on differing philosophies to what happened and what they hoped to get out of it.

For Conrad and Nic, we imagine that the aftermath of this will teach them to prioritize more and make sure to find time amidst the craziness of work to spend together. Life, in so many ways, can be rather short.

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