Manifest episode 4 review: What’s with the statue? Olive’s bad decision

Manifest season 1What happened on Manifest episode 4 was not so much about just one big revelation; instead, it was about a number of little things that could greatly inform a number of characters as we move forward towards the future.

The mystery that was hyped leading into this episode was one about a flight attendant who may have been harboring a stowaway in Thomas on Flight 828; yet, it just so happened that this said stowaway was someone just trying to flee Jamaica and find a better, safer life. Being a gay man in this country is not easy and his story seemed to be based mostly on that more so than anything else.

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So basically, Thomas doesn’t seem to be someone conducting serious experiments or was some mustache-twirling villain. He was just a man looking for an escape and an opportunity for something new. Ben and Michaela aren’t any closer to understanding what happened to them, other than that the visions of the statues are getting worse and starting to cloud even more of Michaela’s judgment. The decision that she made regarding one in this episode had far-reaching consequences in terms of a case, and now there are questions as to whether or not these warnings are inaccurate, or if she just misjudged the latest one sent her way.

For Ben at present, the struggle is a little bit more personal in that he has to wrap his daughter Olive being accused of shoplifting, only for then the other guy in Danny to show up. It’s becoming all the clearer that this is a relationship that isn’t just going to go away because he’s back; Olive and Grace have a different life now and they aren’t immediately gravitating towards them. Ben is so desperate to fit in at this point that he’s willing to lie for his daughter, just so that she will have a little bit of his trust. We think that this does give you a reasonable good sense as to where these characters are.

CarterMatt Verdict

Did this episode offer up enough answers to keep us interested? It’s a good thing to wonder since we do still have plenty of questions coming out of this. It’s still not 100% clear just yet why these passengers are special or what caused them to suddenly have these abilities, but we’re not sure the show is fully about that as much as just the emotional investment in some of these characters. We’re building towards something, but the question here is whether or not we are going to get to answers soon — or be forced to wait a while.

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