The Last Ship season 5 episode 6 review: Touchdown in Cuba

The Last Ship season 5While we’d heard a little bit about a possible allied resistance in Cuba on The Last ShipSunday night’s season 5 episode 6 proved that seeing is believing. Many of the men and women of Nathan James found themselves back on the ground tonight in an attempt to try to ensure that the battleground could end up being theirs … but they also do have their work cut out for them at the moment.

After all, it’s still very much clear at the moment that Gustavo has plans, and that he’s also not going to be so willing to trust in anyone other than himself at this point. He’s gotten a good sense at this point of what can happen putting his trust elsewhere … though you could say the same thing about almost anyone. One of the prevailing messages at the moment this season seems to just be that war is fluid, and that some of the parties that are all around it can change depending on circumstance and self-interest.

From a military strategy standpoint, this may be the strongest season of The Last Ship yet given that there are some clearly defined heroes and villains; beyond that, there’s a clearly defined goal and then also some x-factors in the middle on both sides who can upset the apple cart. One of the biggest ones at the moment is Kelsey, who found herself fleeing at the end of the episode the moment she realized that a text message was going to be able to pinpoint her location. That seems to be one of our larger cliffhangers at the moment, of course other than Chandler being on the ground and the battle mounting between America and Gran Colombia’s forces.

Oh, and did we mention some of the execution scenes we saw throughout the episode? Brutal.

CarterMatt Verdict

Are we as close to a final showdown this season as we would like to be? We do certainly wonder about that, given that this was an episode where there was not a whole lot in terms of big, dramatic leaps forward. Yet, there’s still no doubting in our mind that this was an exciting episode that at least started to move some of the pieces forward. This is proving to be a good season, but we do still wish we’d spend some more time with the individual supporting characters along the way.

Perhaps the last thing we will say is this: So far, The Last Ship season 5 actually feels like it’d be better as a binge-watching show than something you only check out once a week.

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