Ink Master season 11 episode 8 video: The sidewalk chalk challenge

Ink MasterCome Tuesday night’s Ink Master season 11 episode 8, we are going to see a challenge that is all about sidewalk chalk.

The idea here is rather simple: Trying to figure how to create a three-dimensional object using something typically only used by kids. This is not easy, and to make matters worse, there is inter-theme conflict.

It’s weird that going into this challenge, we were actually pretty confident in Team Christian’s abilities to come out there and actually kill this. They’ve gotten along fairly well, and going into this one they all had on red hoodies like they were actually a part of a boy band. Yet, the moment this started, things almost immediately got chaotic. Team Christian fell apart, and Team Cleen actually unified and produced something that, on the surface, appeared to be pretty brilliant.

Also, Kyle had a brilliant idea midway through this challenge to mix chalk with water, since that would allow for them to effectively paint the design. We’re not sure if this is what the producers intended, but clearly, there was no rule against it as far as we can tell. We don’t really get a good look at both designs in this video, but based on everything on the surface, it does feel as though Cleen’s team is probably significantly better. Heck, Christian’s team seemed to stop working far before the countdown was up. There is keeping things simple, and then it’s going so simple that you don’t fill up your time.

Now may be the right moment for Team Christian to start to lose an artist or two, mostly because they haven’t felt the danger as much as of late since they’ve done well in a lot of flash challenges. Meanwhile, Cleen’s team has lost two artists in a row and they’re hungry and out to prove something. Most of the artists they’ve got left are solid, to say the least.

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