Will Charmed reboot cast ratings spell after hit-or-miss week for The CW?

CharmedThe Charmed reboot is set to navigate its way over to The CW on Sunday night and after looking at this past week, expectations are mixed.

So far, the ratings for the network this season have not been altogether fantastic. While The Flash and Riverdale performed reasonably well, almost every show is down significantly from their prior-season premiere. Meanwhile, new series All American has yet to really get going in the numbers, which makes us think that it could be fighting for its TV life a little bit earlier than it really should be.

On paper, Charmed clearly has a number of things that it has going for it, starting with the fact that this is a revival of a once-popular show. Yet, that is made complicated by the fact that there were many of the original show who were not calling for a new version. Some are against the reboot, and the initial reaction to the trailer earlier this year was far from positive.

Does the series still have merit? Sure. There are some talented people in it, There are also experienced producers who have done good things in the past. The thing that this series may need more so than anything else is time in order to figure out precisely what it wants to be and also time to escape the weight of the original. It also needs to benefit from a big start.

We should go ahead and get this out of the way: We anticipate Charmed losing a big chunk of its premiere audience in the second week. There will be a higher curiosity factor here because of the original show and with that, we wouldn’t be surprised if it gets off to a good start. Yet, we also wouldn’t be surprised if many of these people tune out in week 2 — it is something that most likely is also going to happen with The Conners when it premieres and many other remakes / revivals coming down the pipeline. There is a fairly natural trajectory that just tends to come about with series like this.

Ultimately, let’s just hope that the Charmed cast and crew are ready for whatever reaction, good or bad, could be coming their way on Sunday. It may not be altogether easy for them.

What are some of your expectations in terms of the Charmed premiere and the ratings? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments. (Photo: The CW.)

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