God Friended Me episode 3 video: Keeping the mission going

God friended meGod Friended Me episode 3 will be here on CBS come Sunday night and over the course of it, you will have a chance to see the format of this show stabilized a little bit more.

Through the first two episodes, you saw a mixture of personal story coupled then with opportunities to unravel further the mystery of the God account. Miles and the rest of the main team still are not too close to answers, but “Heavenly Taco Truck” could push them a little further — ever so slightly, anyway. This is an episode that will feature a thief, an aforementioned taco truck, and questions regarding whether or not said thief is linked to the God account. There’s also a private investigator that gets involved.

In some ways, it is only inevitable that God Friended Me would focus on Miles’ trying to figure out the origin of the account as soon as possible — largely sense we, as humans, all have that sort of innate, natural curiosity about the world around us. If there is something very much strange about what’s happening, of course we want to try and figure out answers to it. It really doesn’t matter all that much if this particular thing is actually having a positive impact on others.

No matter what happens in “Heavenly Taco Truck,” we don’t imagine that it will stop the pursuit of bringing people together and trying to make lives better. While God Friended Me may only be two episodes into its run at the moment, it does still feel fairly clear that this is a show that has established its tone. It is hopeful at times, dramatic when it needs to be, and also comedic with a number of pop-culture references. It’s meant to make you feel better in an era where that is not always a particularly easy thing.

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