Shameless season 9 episode 6 video: Cameron Monaghan’s final episode (for now)

Shameless season 8At this point, the writing is on the wall: Shameless season 9 episode 6 will be Cameron Monaghan’s final episode — at least as a series regular. Whether or not Ian gets to come back down the road remains to be seen.

Nonetheless, we have to prepare to say goodbye to this character, in one way or another, in this particular hour. As for how that goodbye happens, that is really the question of the hour.

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For example, is it possible that Ian just goes away to jail for a long time? Sure, and that is an easy reason why the character could be written out … though you could also argue that there is an easy, Orange is the New Black sort of story to tell with him behind bars. Or, you can argue that there is a he-got-a-happy-ending story where he runs off to Mexico, eventually finds Mickey, and the two live happily forever. We have to think that the Mickey mention in episode 5 was for a reason … right?

Beyond just all of this, you can very well wonder whether or not Ian gets killed off, mostly because this is the one way you can write the character out where it makes absolute sense why you are not seeing his point of view anymore. We have a hard time imagining that this is going to happen, but it would be foolish to completely ignore it as a possibility. This is a series where anything is ultimately possible and where the Gallaghers have been through a lot already. Them losing one of their own is not entirely out of the realm of possibility … though it would be akin to the writers ripping out the heart of just about every fan out there.

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