Blue Bloods season 9 episode 3 review: Eddie’s vows; Garrett gets included

Blue Bloods season 9

Tonight, Blue Bloods season 9 episode 3 gave many people out there precisely what they wanted — especially Jamko fans.

We have to start things off here with getting to hear some of Eddie’s vows — and also one of the best kisses we’ve seen from the two throughout the entire history of the show. They talked about their proposal, but in the context of the story tonight, they also talked about Eddie wanting to transfer over to the Two-Nine where Jamie was stationed. The biggest reason for that was simply so that she could better fulfill some of her vows and really do everything that she could to be there for him. She was struggling with the idea of people saying terrible things to Jamie behind his back.

Now, they can be together and, at least for now, everything is better for the two. Yet, of course we imagine there will be more problems with the other cops down the road.

As for some of the other stories that we had a chance to see over the episode…

Frank’s drill – There was some discussion about the handling of the emergency preparation tonight, mostly because of Garrett being left out and some of the tension that went along with that. Garrett was angry over the fact that there were some secrets kept from him; following that, Frank decided to let in Garrett and tell him about the Bravo bunker. This is, apparently, one of the best-kept secrets from 9/11. He assumed in running his original drill that all of the key advisers would be there, but they weren’t. Frank had to figure out a way to ensure that Garrett was included.

Anthony vs. Erin – There was so much conflict between the two over their new professional dynamic; because of that, Erin felt like Anthony was undermining her position as boss. Luckily, the two characters were able to work things out by the end of the episode and seem to be on good terms once more.

Danny’s case – This was another challenging case for Danny and Baez to take on, but with that being said, it did somewhat blend into the rest of the episode. Hopefully, the writers find a way to make the Danny – Baez story pop a little bit more in the future.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, this episode was strong for the Jamko content (though the scene at family dinner made us sad — at least until we realized that it was a plan), but also very good with the inclusion of Garrett and allowing Anthony and Erin to realize just how much they really do need each other.

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