MacGyver season 3 episode 3 review: Mac returns to school; Riley’s job offer

MacGyver season 3 episode 3Tonight, MacGyver season 3 episode 3 featured a fun undercover mission, Bozer doing a keg-stand, and then also a CIA false flag mission. What that means is that basically, students were being coerced to betray their country without even knowing that is precisely what they were doing.

As for how they started to piece some of the clues together, there was a lot of fun to be had. Take, for example, Mac over-impressing a professor apparently tied to the operation. Meanwhile, Bozer had to display his keg-stand skills from his party past in order to ensure that Riley had enough time to figure out the student operative that existed within the frat house. (After this part of the mission, Bozer soon realized that he was not anywhere near the same guy that he was in college — it was a little bit harder to stomach all of the booze now.)

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What Mac, Riley, Bozer, and Leanna were hoping to get a sense of over this episode was a better sense of some “transparent bombs” that were on the loose and, by the end of the episode, the fun times at college were over for the group. Instead, it was more about trying to keep a bomb from going off … though seeing Bozer wear an “I heart beer” shirt for most of it was pretty fun. Mac was able to come up with a quick solution to defuse the bomb using hydrogen fuel cells within the solar panels of the building they were in.

Here’s the nice thing: In the aftermath of everything that happened, Mac got a college diploma.

Could Riley leave the team?

Elsewhere in this episode, we had a chance to see Billy Colton and Jack work together on a stake-out mission, one in which Jack learned that Billy had offered Riley a job with the Colton Family. Jack wasn’t thrilled about that, to put it lightly. Beyond that, he also wasn’t all that keen on bringing in the mark when he realized that he was just a young guy try to get money for his ailing mother. Maybe he was lying, but on the surface, he did feel pretty genuine. We’re reasonably inclined to believe what he says, at least for now.

We’re not sure Riley is ever going to leave the Phoenix team but one thing feels clear: It definitely doesn’t seem like Jack is going to be a bounty hunter himself in the future.

CarterMatt Verdict

We found MacGyver season 3 episode 3 to be working the best when you saw characters doing things outside of their element — take watching the majority of the gang undercover at high school or Jack getting into it with Billy. We do like having the whole group working together, but it kinda made sense why Jack couldn’t just be a student this week.

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