Amazon’s Homecoming episode 8 review: Colin, Heidi, Carrasco’s confrontation meltdown


We are starting to near the end of Homecoming season 1 and some questions are finally being answered – like what is the actual purpose behind this facility? Seems like they are giving these men drugs that wipe all of the traumatic experiences they’ve had while serving not so they can be integrated back into society like they claim, but actually to send them back to war. The biggest mystery still left is what happened to Walter? We haven’t seen him in present day at all during this series and we know he was discharged from the facility for alleged violent on the same day that Heidi was hospitalized. Carrasco is still trying to connect the dots and Colin (pretending to be a man named Hunter who is now carrying on an affair with Heidi) has agreed to help Heidi find her boss to get some answers.

We weren’t sure how Colin was going to get out of this situation, but he drove her straight to the Homecoming facility like she asked – only now it’s a busy wellness center. Of course he has known that Homecoming has been shut down, so there was no one there to rat him out, but there’s always the possibility that seeing the building might trigger a memory. When they walk in the building, nothing is coming back to Heidi and Colin is starting to feel a bit more comfortable, but what he doesn’t know is that Carrasco is also there and he’s looking for Heidi.

The side of the facility that housed the Homecoming program is closed off (under construction) so Heidi and Colin check out the wellness center on the other side of the building, but Carrasco recognizes that the under construction side of things is where Homecoming was and proceeds to go behind the curtain. Even though Carassco’s boss has told him to stop pursuing this claim, he hangs up on her, smashed the door to the facility and starts snooping around. We aren’t sure what he’s hoping to find there since it’s not like files were going to be left behind on a top secret project.

After looking around Heidi comes to the conclusion that she’s never been there before and Colin reinforces that idea in her mind, that is until she hears that really crazy bird squawking and it finally triggers something in her as she pulls her hand away from Colin. What both of them don’t know is that Carrasco is on the other side of the building and can see Colin and Heidi through the window!

She confronts Colin about everything she remembers and threatens to go forward and tell everyone the truth about Homecoming exposing his involvement, but he reminds her that he’s never set foot in that place until now and that the person that was there with these men every day was her. Everything goes to the next level when they run into Carrasco and she tells him that he was right about everything. Colin tries to control the situation the best he can by saying that Heidi is having an episode, and she exposes Colin as the head of the Homecoming program who was in charge of dosing the men there. They both accuse the other person of lying and Colin exposes that they are having a sexual relationship in hopes to show Carrasco that Heidi isn’t of her right mind with the things that she is saying. Then Colin goes in for Carrasco, breaking him down in a way that revealed just how rotten Colin really is and it’s enough from Heidi to push back (literally – she pushed Colin into a pond!)

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CarterMatt Verdict

The tension of knowing that Carrasco, Colin and Heidi were all in the same facility was beautifully built into this intense heightened state for us and the pay off was well worth it. If you didn’t like Colin before this scene then you really aren’t going to like him now. Watching Colin demean Carrasco the way he did actually had us rooting for Carrasco which is not something we could’ve said at the beginning of this series, but in true Carrasco fashion he admits that what Colin said is true. With Carrasco and Heidi now on the same page though, we are wondering if together they can bring Colin’s misdeeds to the forefront.

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