Amazon’s Homecoming episode 9 review: How did Heidi lose her memory?

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With Heidi regaining her memory and her willingness to work with Carrasco, we wonder if together they are actually going to be able to take down Colin or expose Homecoming for what it was? The biggest question we have (and so does Heidi) is: What happens next?

Carrasco’s move

After a long drive home, Carrasco tells her that the next step is for him to elevate the complaint and that there will be an investigation to establish what happened and who’s responsible. Even though Heidi feels responsible, Carrasco tells her that they will be going after high level people involved, not someone like her.

When he gets back to his office he tells his boss that he’s escalating the claim and after he leaves her office, she calls Geist to inform them that there’s a situation going on there. Clearly, Geist has their tentacles everywhere! Although Carrasco has elevated the claim to a higher level, he still has that leaf that Shrier gave him and we can see that his curiosity in investigating this situation isn’t over yet.

Colin’s guilt

When he gets home he decides that he wants to tell his wife that he slept with Heidi, but instead she tells him to write down his confession and put it into this locked box they have and then to move forward. Seems like a really terrible way of not dealing with issues and having your head in the sand if you ask us, but their marriage is trucking along so this arrangement seems to be working for them.

Walter’s redeployment

Back in the past Walter is told that he’s going to be redeployed and he’s feeling good about it. While the drugs are helping him feel positive about it all, Heidi doesn’t feel good about what’s happening to him or to any of the men there and we can see that it’s beginning to affect her. It hits her really hard when Walter starts talking about how the program could help Leskey get better so he could be redeployed as well and as we all know… Leskey’s been long dead. He tells her that his next deployment is only 9 months and after that he’ll be free, but she knows that he’ll never really be free of this. The real sticking point that we can see kick her right in the heart is when Walter thanks her for all of her help because without it he wouldn’t be able to go back. This is where she decides that she can’t live with what she’s done and asks Walter to go and get something to eat with her at the cafeteria…

When they get to the cafeteria, it’s empty (they missed lunch), but Heidi goes into the back and scoops them both up a large portion of week 6 medicated pasta. While they eat they talk about the idea of taking a road trip together (something that has been a theme between them all season long). Craig sees what’s happening and puts a call into Colin right away, but she’s already eaten quite a bit of her meal.

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CarterMatt Verdict

For this being the second last episode of Homecoming and with the last episode bringing everything to a head we actually expected a lot more from this episode – maybe a bit more of the loose threads coming together? We did see that with Walter and Heidi sitting down for a week 6 medicated lunch together (which explains why Heidi went through not remembering her time at Homecoming) but we really want to see this all come together. Are there going to be consequences for what Colin did? What about Heidi’s involvement? And what in the world happened to Walter – is he alive??? With one episode left we just don’t know if they are going to be able to deliver on a satisfying ending to what has been an incredible journey.

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