Amazon’s Homecoming episode 5 review: Heidi takes heat over Walter relationship

Stephan James Homecoming

The last episode of Homecoming really opened up the mystery to all parties in present day. Heidi learned that she was hospitalized (we still don’t know what for) and that she had a boss named Colin that she spoke to 100 times a day. She tried to reach out to him in hopes of shedding some light on what happened to her, but he quickly hung up on her. For Colin, things are unraveling on a few different levels, because not only is Heidi trying to get in contact with him, but Carrasco claims that he has someone from Homecoming that’s willing to talk to him since Colin won’t. So who is it that Carrasco found???

The mystery man

Ever since Carrasco said he had someone else to talk to from Homecoming we’ve been dying to dive into this episode to learn who it is – and it’s Shrier! We know that he was released from the program after he stole a van and drove it into town and while they told Walter that Shrier was released to his family we are very curious to know if that was really the case. Shrier is not doing well as the passionate young guy we met in the facility is now soft spoken, withdrawn and wants to pretend that Homecoming never happened. What did they do to him? He tries to tell Carrasco that Heidi knew everything and that Walter believed everything she was feeding him even though he told him that he shouldn’t. He also says that “they were hiding in the trees” whatever that means (maybe cameras?), and gives Carrasco a leaf as a clue to what he’s trying to say before they are interrupted.

Colin’s close call

He knows that he has to deal with the Heidi situation, but because he didn’t stay on the phone with her to find out what she was calling about he’s all over the map with how to go about doing that. He decides that a face to face with her is the best way to go about it and shows up at her work. When he sits down and she comes over to take his order he quickly realizes that she has no memory of him what so ever and all of his worry about her was for nothing. His worry about Carrasco has escalated though after he sees his business card at the diner.

Heidi and Walter at Homecoming

Their relationship has been developing pretty steadily so far where we have seen them both open up to each other, share some day dreams of a road trip, embrace and now playing pranks on each other. Unfortunately their relationship has been exposed a bit after Craig sees Heidi go into Walter’s room and give him Shrier’s harmonica. Colin calls Heidi to reprimand her about the harmonica and reminds her that the purpose of this facility and the medication they are using on them (which deletes the harmful responses to the traumatic memories) is to take away things that might trigger the men and that the harmonica could be a set back. He reminds her of what her job entails and that anything outside of that is strictly forbidden since it changes the research and what they are trying to do at the facility. He also tells her that if he finds out about anything like this again that he will fire her. Is she going to listen to him or is Heidi in too deep with Walter to back away?

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CarterMatt Verdict

This show keeps getting better and better and it’s easily our favorite new show of 2018. The episodes fly by, the performances are outstanding and the mystery keep growing new limbs every new episode. Just when we think we have it figured out the show shifts us in a different direction and in many ways it reminds us of another great show that we love in Lost. We love a show that gets us thinking about it when we aren’t watching it and gives us something to theorize about with our friends – Homecoming has that in spades.

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