Amazon’s Homecoming episode 6 review: Did Heidi and Colin hook up?

Bobby Cannavale HomecomingIs Heidi and Walter’s relationship coming to a halt on Homecoming? We are deeply invested in these two and the friendship that has developed between them, but now that Colin has put a stop to it telling Heidi that she will lose her job if she continues to grow close to him we are worried that she is going to pull back.

Walter’s mom gets a clue

We already know that she thinks something sketchy is going on with Homecoming and is worried about what’s going on over there with Walter, so when she doesn’t hear from him for 2 weeks she starts to make some calls. Homecoming is unlisted (of course) and she quickly learns that this isn’t a VA program, but is instead under the private contractor Geist. Walter’s mom discovers a bottle on her counter that is a Geist product and the head office location on it isn’t Florida… it’s California. When she starts looking through different products in her house she realizes that this company makes shampoos and cleaning products, and can’t understand why a company that produces these types of products would also have a homecoming program to help vets. What’s the connection? In the end she doesn’t care what the connection is and heads out to find him.

She finds the Homecoming facility in Florida (based on some clues that Walter gave her since she didn’t have the address), but instead of getting Walter, she gets Heidi. She wants to see her son and Heidi tries to explain that sometimes interactions with family members right away can be a problem for transitioning, but Walter’s mother makes it clear that she’s going to sit there until she sees Walter for herself. Even though Colin told Heidi that she needs to follow protocol from now on, she makes a decision to take Walter’s mom to see him.

When Walter’s mom is alone with him she tells him to open his eyes and really look at this facility because the government never gives away something for free – that they are getting something out of him. She tells him that she’s fearful, and he reiterates that he feels that the program is helping him, but after she asks him to come home, he goes back to his room and starts to pack his things.

When Craig sees Walter packing he starts to panic and threatens to call security, Colin and anyone that can stop this since Walter is on week 4 dosage and will go through severe withdrawals if he’s cut off from the medication they are giving him. Heidi says she will deal with it and her conversation with Walter is quite revealing. He says that he feels a responsibility to go home and take care of his mother, but that if he stayed he knows that he could focus on getting better – also that he wants to be with Heidi. He asks her if she ever thinks about that and she admits that she does. After their talk Walter decides to stay.

Unfortunately for Homecoming, Walter’s mom puts in a call the Department of Defense and lodges a complaint. She lies and says that she is an employee there and that she knows that Walter wants to leave, but that the facility won’t let him. So that mystery is finally resolved and it wasn’t Heidi like we originally thought.

Colin can’t leave well enough alone

After seeing Carrasco’s card at the diner Colin arranges to “run into ” Heidi at the laundromat, passing himself off as a vet that just got home. He’s incredibly charming and spins this whole story about how he got home, his wife filed for divorce and how good it feels to open up to someone. He tries to find ways to lead the conversation to Carrasco without saying his name, but it’s not really working so he takes her to lunch and orders them a few drinks, maybe loosen her up.

As the hours roll on and they get closer and closer on what has turned into a date, it seems that Colin is actually kind of falling for her as he seems to find a connection with her (unless this is all part of the ruse and we are falling for it too) and he tries to kiss her. At first she pulled away, but eventually decides to go for it and they end up in bed together. There really is a connection between them and it goes deeper then just Homecoming – they are both living lies.

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CarterMatt Verdict

We did not expect Colin and Heidi to hook up, but there’s something really raw about this that we like. With both of them realizing that they are frauds and living these lives that are lies (him especially since he’s made up everything he’s told her including his name) there actually is a connection between them that is probably the most honest either one of them has been in a very long time. While this is obviously not a relationship that’s going to stand the test of time, we are hoping that it will help both of them take an honest look at themselves.

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