Chicago PD season 6 episode 3: A Ruzek – Upton surprise

Chicago PD season 5 episode 6
Mrs. Carter: Tonight, Chicago PD season 6 episode 3 kicked things off with a Ruzek – Upton surprise that was hard to expect.

For most of her time on the show, there hadn’t been all that much in the way of moments for the two. The majority of ‘shippers out there had tied the Upton character to Halstead; meanwhile, there is a diehard Burgess – Ruzek contingent out there, as well.

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So why have these two character sleep together in the opening minutes? for starters, this may be a move to disarm a number of people out there who just assumed where some of these pairings were going to go. It may be something that the writers just thought was interesting and different from anything that has been a part of the show to date. There has also been this lingering question on my end about whether or not they would have Upton and Halstead together just because he was with Lindsay before.

Of course, one thing to remember here is this: Upton and Ruzek sleeping together tonight doesn’t necessarily mean that they will end up together in the future. There are still so many different ways in which this relationship could go south … heck, this could fall apart by the time we get an episode or two further down the road.

Before the season, Marina Squerciati suggested that there would be some sort of update when it comes to Burgess and Ruzek pretty early on this season. There’s a good chance that this could be it.

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What do you think about Ruzek and Upton being a potential couple on Chicago PD moving forward, or do you think that this really is a one-time thing? Share right now in the attached comments! (Photo: NBC.)


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