Law & Order: SVU season 20 episode 4 video: What was behind the break-in?

SVU season 20 artWhen Law & Order: SVU season 20 episode 4 comes on NBC Thursday night, you will be introduced to an episode entitled “Revenge.” Beyond that, you will also be facing a story with a number of different questions.

For example, who was the mystery man who broke in and attacked two innocent people? Beyond that, why did he do it — and why did he call them the wrong names? The sneak peek below raises that question as it’s clear that whoever committed this act had a very specific reason to do it … but may have had the wrong victims. It’s possible that they were the hired hand of someone else who posed as a pizza-delivery guy and got the wrong address. Or, it’s possible that there is just some sort of larger mental condition at the heart of this story and that is something that needs to be dealt with.

This sneak peek is meant more to set up the case and because of that, there are not exactly too many answers in here. Yet, the episode title clearly matters a great deal, and this is a case where understanding the motive is going to be to understanding everything else. What we know is that this is clearly one of the more-bizarre jumping-off points we’ve seen for a case. It doesn’t feel on the surface like the victims here are necessarily familiar with the attacker, and this said attacker didn’t want to actually show their face.

Beyond just the case, there are some other, more-personal elements that this episode could include. Take, for example, getting a chance to learn more about Rollins’ pregnancy and how she is faring at the moment. We know that she wants to keep the baby and doesn’t expect anything from Dr. Al (George Newbern); yet, we have a hard time thinking that he is out of the story altogether at the moment.

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