Grey’s Anatomy season 15 spoilers: Josh Radnor playing Meredith’s blind date

Meredith Grey
Apparently, Meredith Grey’s blind date is going to be Ted Mosby … or, at least the man who played the role for many years.

Via People, Josh Radnor (who appeared in Rise earlier this year in addition to his aforementioned turn on How I Met Your Mother) will be a part of Thursday’s new Grey’s Anatomy episode in the role of this mystery man. This is a character who may be set up via the matchmaker that we’ve seen throughout the season to date, and we hope that he’s a nice guy given that Meredith deserves it. Yet, there is some appeal for us in potentially seeing Radnor play a total jerk given that so many of his characters, while at times flawed, are often rather wholesome and kind.

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Maybe this is a romance that just doesn’t work out for Meredith; or, maybe it does! Given that Radnor is not a series regular on another show at the moment, there is a good chance that the character would appear in more than one episode depending on just how well he is received.

There are some other romantic possibilities that are theoretically out there for this character. Just remember that Ortho God Link (played by Chris Carmack) is still new to the scene and, despite whatever early affections he could have for Amelia, feels like a possibility. Meanwhile, we know that Meredith has already had a dream about sleeping with DeLuca, who is certainly a possibility even if their statuses at the hospital could make everything a little messy. (Granted, this is Grey’s Anatomy — when are things ever tidy? This show is almost always a mess.)

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