Floribama Shore season 2 summer finale video: Logan vs. Jeremiah

Floribama ShoreThe Floribama Shore season 2 summer finale is going to be coming onto MTV on Monday night at 10:00 p.m. Eastern time. What’s coming? In one word, Logan. Kortni’s ex is coming back into the world of the show to talk some smack, act weird, and start confrontations with some of the cast members.

In the video below, Logan proclaims that he is a business owner, this is “his town,” and that he is basically ready to start a fight with some of the guys — especially Jeremiah. Things get physical, and at the end of the sneak peek you see Kortni come out and throw a drink in his face. After that, who’s to say what happens?

We do think at this point, though, Floribama Shore should really just move into the place where they make sure Logan isn’t around these people anymore. Regardless of whatever you think about him or the situation, it doesn’t seem like him being around the cast is helping anyone at this point. The cast doesn’t want him around, Kortni clearly doesn’t want him around, and it just seems as though all he’s contributing to the series at this point is anger.

We’ll learn tonight what the future holds for him, at least in part, but then of course get updates on a number of the main cast members, as well. While this is a series that is, in part, about partying and the Floribama Shore lifestyle, it’s also about these specific people and the relationships that they have with one another. They’ve formed a unique bond and seeing how that evolves and develops over time is going to be essential to if there are some future seasons down the road.

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