Lodge 49 season 2 premiere date hopes: When will Wyatt Russell, cast return?

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Given that tonight marks the big finale on AMC, it feels right to pose the following question: When will the Lodge 49 season 2 premiere date be?

We should start off this article by noting this: AMC has already renewed the show! As of a few weeks ago we had some serious concerns over the series’ future (its ratings have been far from stellar, at least in terms of live viewing), but it has developed a loyal following and is beloved by many critics, including yours truly. With that in mind, the network made the official season 2 announcement last week — you can read more about that over here.

One other thing worth noting right now, per that announcement, is that the Lodge 49 season 2 premiere will air at some point in 2019. Whether or not it continues to follow Better Call Saul remains to be seen, as the Bob Odenkirk series is fairly nebulous in terms of its premiere dates. It tends to take more than a year between seasons, and we’re not altogether sure AMC will want to wait that long on Lodge 49 given that this is a series still finding its audience. They need to make sure viewers don’t forget about it and the conversation keeps happening.

In the interim, we hope that the network does everything that it can in order to promote the series still, including making it clear that subscribers can stream season 1 episodes. To go along with that, we also hope that it makes it to a prominent streaming service and builds a little bit of an audience there. After all, we do think that the show has tremendous binge-watching potential. Most of the episodes have a tendency to blow by and many of them carry over right into the next.

Lodge 49 is, as a whole, a fun, quirky, and at times thought-provoking ride. It’s a one-of-a-kind series and we hope that it sticks around for quite some time moving forward.

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When do you want the Lodge 49 season 2 premiere date to be on AMC, and what do you want to see in terms of the story? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! (Photo: AMC.)

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