The Flash season 5 theory: Is Barry Allen dead in the future?

The FlashWith The Flash season 5 premiere coming onto The CW in just over a day, this is the time to start raising questions. One of the biggest ones, at least at the moment, is simply this: Could Barry Allen actually be dead in the future?

While there isn’t a huge array of different evidence to support this theory, we do think that there are two key pieces of evidence that are interesting here. (For those wondering, we also discuss this subject further in the video below; be sure to subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube to score some other updates.)

Exhibit A – The mere presence of Nora West-Allen in this timeline in the first place. Remember that Nora is here because she needs The Flash’s help to undo something that she has done. If she needed Barry’s help, couldn’t she have just asked an older version of him? Our feeling is that something she does ends up causing him to die in the near future (but clearly after she was conceived); with that, she now has to go to this timeline to ask for help. This theory, though, still does not explain why she doesn’t have the warmest of feelings for Iris. If she was largely responsible for raising her, wouldn’t Nora be grateful to her?

Exhibit B – In the new trailer below, Barry does wonder precisely what happens to him as you see the newspaper headlines flicker by — similar ones that have been there really since the start of the series. We do think that The Flash has been planning that eventual story, one way or another, ever since the pilot. We just hope that we do eventually make it to 2024, when that paper is set … even if that does seem like a fairly-bold challenge at this particular point unless the show takes a big time jump alongside the rest of the Arrowverse.

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Do you think that Barry Allen could be dead in the future, and what do you think about this theory as a whole? Share right away in the attached comments!


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