The Walking Dead season 9 premiere: Are Carol, Ezekiel engaged?

Ezekiel and Carol
Mrs. Carter: For at least some of The Walking Dead season 9 premiere on AMC Sunday night, there was romance in the works.

To be specific, said romance came courtesy of a couple of popular characters in Carol and Ezekiel. There was some flirtation in the past but entering the new season, previews showed the two actually together in a full-on romantic relationship. In the midst of this new world, these two characters were able to find each other and really start to build some sort of future together. It’s an exciting proposition for not just them, but for many other characters at the same time.

Yet, through most of the episode it wasn’t clear if either of these characters were going to be taking things to the next level! Early on in the premiere episode, Ezekiel proposed to Carol — basically, it was the sort of thing worthy of some celebration. Yet, she was not interested in saying yes immediately, mostly because she did want to see the current mission through at the Sanctuary for now and didn’t want to be much of a distraction. That really is not all that much of a surprise, largely because this is just who Carol is. She is not the sort of person who ever wants to distract from the cause at hand.

Through a conversation with Daryl, though, we all had a chance to learn further where Carol’s feelings truly lied; to go along with that, Daryl expressed how happy he was for the two of them. For a long time there were questions about the status of Daryl and Carol’s relationship; yet, in the end, it seems as though the writers remain intent on keeping Daryl’s relationship status single for as long as possible.

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What do you think about The Walking Dead opting to give up this revelation when it comes to Carol and Daryl so soon in the premiere? Be sure to share some of your thoughts right now in the attached comments! (Photo: AMC.)

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