NCIS: Los Angeles season 10 episode 2 review: Eric, Nell’s big step forward

NericWe didn’t think going into NCIS: Los Angeles season 10 episode 2 that we were going to have a big relationship update for Nell and Eric — yet, here we are, and that’s precisely why we are so happy!

Near the end of Sunday night’s new episode “Superhuman” there was some great news as Eric, in his own roundabout and rather-awkward way, asked his longtime girlfriend to move in with him. She eventually agreed, and we’ve got the Neric update we’ve long been craving. The tough thing about this relationship is that because we also have Densi, it feels a lot like NCIS: Los Angeles is hesitant to give us too many big relationship updates at one time. There is a lot going on with this series, after all, beyond just romance.

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Take, for example, a guy stealing a tactical suit of armor and then tearing through Beverly Hills with it alongside his girlfriend to commit robberies. They were the big threat tonight that Sam and the team had to take out — with Callen still sidelined. We did at least like this mission because 1) it was reminiscent of Robocop and 2) it gave them a very different sort of opponent than they were really used to. It did feel like it was over a little bit quicker than the standard NCIS: Los Angeles mystery, not that this should really shock anyone given that we are talking here about a big dude in a suit of armor.

Anyhow, there were some other important updates tonight elsewhere, including Callen eventually being cleared for field duty and Deeks determining that he did not want a typical bachelor party. Instead, he just wanted to go out surfing somewhere without some of the typical boozing or the like. He really just wanted to have a good time and not make it the sort of typical bachelor party schlock.

There were a number of fun moments tonight, but in the end, the case did turn serious as Sam and Callen had a conversation with Hidoko’s mother-in-law as they spoke at lengthy about some of their military family history. This was a reminder that the series wasn’t completely forgetting about this character, who is still (at least in our eyes) gone too soon and we’re going to really miss having her around. She grew on us throughout season 9! We also don’t think Hidoko will be forgotten by the higher-ups, given that Hetty and Mosley were gone tonight as they received a stern talking-to over in Washington. (Don’t worry: Linda Hunt is not leaving the show.)

CarterMatt Verdict

Thanks for the Nell / Eric update! Also, kudos to the writers for giving us a different sort of case to anchor the week as a whole.

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