Q&A: Discussing Good Behavior, NCIS: Los Angeles, Blue Bloods, and more

Blue Bloods season 9

Now that we’re back in the main TV season again, that means by and large one thing: We’re back to it being Q&A season!

Over the next few months, we’re going to be doing some fun question-and-answer sessions at the CarterMatt YouTube channel, which you can subscribe to by heading over to the link here. In this particular video, we touch on a wide array of different subjects including the following…

Good Behavior – What’s the latest when it comes to the show’s season 3 renewal hopes? Is there a chance that we could still see a little bit more of the series? This is a question we’ve certainly got plenty of over the course of the past few weeks.

NCIS: Los Angeles – What does the future hold for a number of the different characters on the series?

Blue Bloods – Will we have a chance to see an old recurring character from the past show up at some point in the future?

The Blacklist – Is there a whole lot of scoop out there about the show, and beyond that, why is NBC being so secretive at this particular moment in time?

Favorite Shows – Beyond just a particular series, we talk about some of the new series that we’re the most excited about; beyond that, we also have a conversation when it comes to the series we personally find ourselves checking out right away. These are the sort of shows that make us love TV so much.

Also in this video, we have a little bit of fun with site CEO Coco Vanderwoof and some other random topics in general. We recorded this video earlier Sunday, so this gave us a chance to just goof off a little bit while discussing a number of the things that we love from this particular medium as a whole.

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