Blue Bloods season 9 episode 2 video: Gromley asks Danny, Baez for help

Blue Bloods season 9Blue Bloods season 9 episode 2 on Friday night is going to feature a different sort of case for Danny and Baez. Basically, the two have a fairly unique challenge in that they have to protect Danny’s father from the threat of a former cop.

The sneak peek, featuring Gromley, gives you a good sense as to what’s coming. He clues Danny and Baez is on what is going on with former Detective Ray Cross, a man who seems to now hold a grudge against the Commissioner and is following him around in a fairly-suspicious way. It’s not 100% clear what the planned endgame is here with Cross, but it’s something that the NYPD needs to have on their radar. We don’t think we really need to spell out why protecting Frank is so important — he’s the straw that stirs the drink with the department and if something happens to him, everyone falls into disarray.

It’s possible that Cross doesn’t pose as serious of a threat as it first seems, but at the moment it is certainly clear that this is something that we do need to keep our eyes peeled about over this episode.

For Danny, one other thing that we wonder is this: Will he really be able to keep a full focus on the case in the aftermath of Louis Delgado? This is a guy who intentionally tried to rattle his cage last week, including suggesting that there could have been something more behind her death than just a helicopter accident. While Delgado on the surface seems to be dead, remember that we didn’t actually see the man’s head. That means that he could be off, lingering somewhere and still very much alive.

What are you the most interested in when it comes to this particular Danny Reagan story? Share some of your thoughts/updates on the matter in the attached comments!

(Photo: CBS.)

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