Survivor: David vs. Goliath episode 2 review: Is Lyrsa really the weakest?

Lyrsa Torres
Survivor: David vs. Goliath 
episode 2 offered up a chance to establish a new narrative. Neither tribe had tested alliances truly; beyond that, we were still shaking off some of the residue of what happened to Pat. (If you missed it, you can read our full interview with him here.)

Let’s start tonight’s pre-challenge activity over on the Goliath tribe, where present-day Golden Boy Dan’s shine started to fade a little bit. He had found an immunity idol and then shared it with Kara and Natalia, who were really the two people with more power. Knowing who has the idol is just about as important as who actually has it at times, especially if you know how to leverage that information.

This is where Dan screwed up — he didn’t hide the idol and Jeremy found it. Now, he has the power and most importantly, nobody knows. That makes him even more than either Natalia or Kara. He can pass that info along and blindside Dan, if need be.

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Who’s the big target over there? Right now, it does seem to be Natalie. Jeremy tried to talk her down after rubbing everyone the wrong way. John also wanted to work with her, but Jeremy and John’s support was not enough … especially when Natalie lost Jeremy’s support after their conversation. Whelp.

Over on the David tribe, the big news was that Davie just so happens to be king of the Davids, at least in terms of finding a hidden immunity idol! He seems to be smart about keeping it a secret for now; the real test is whether or not he can in the long-term.

Since Pat’s evacuation, Nick and Christian have grown closer together (they even have a name: Mason Dixon) and some initial alliances are falling apart. Carl put Lyrsa’s name out there, and after Elizabeth passed that info along to her, all of a sudden Carl has been made into her target.

Immunity Challenge – Well, this wasn’t exactly close in the early going. The David tribe was completely blown out through the more physical part of the showdown, but then we got to the puzzle. This could’ve been the great equalizer … but it wasn’t. There was no puzzle miracle like last week and the David tribe was eviscerated.

Tribal Council Debate – This is a classic one. Do you go with getting rid of the weakest link, or someone perceived to be in your way strategically? Many players in the game, including Carl and Jessica, still wanted Lyrsa gone. Yet, Lyrsa and Elizabeth were putting the target on Jessica, who was the glue binding Carl and Bi together. Christian and Nick were the swing votes since Gabby was on Lyrsa and Elizabeth’s team. Mason Dixon had the power, and Christian couldn’t apparently be happier about it.

Tribal Council – Going into this tonight, our gut told us that Jessica was going home. Lyrsa may not be the strongest physical player, but she was a schemer and a fighter. To us, that makes her one of the more intriguing players and someone who could stick around a long time … provided that she lasts through this tribal.

Christian summarized the situation the best: Because the future of the game is unclear, it’s not easy to just vote for the person you want out. You have to consider keeping someone around who, in turn, could help to keep you around in challenges.

Who left the game this week? – Even at this point, we still weren’t sure what was going to happen … which is awesome. At one point when Jeff counted out the votes, it felt like Lyra was going; then, some of the Jessica votes started coming in. Jessica Peet is gone from the game, and we’ve got our first blindside.

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What did you think about tonight’s Survivor: David vs. Goliath episode 2? Did the right person go home? Share in the comments below. (Photo: CBS.)

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