This Criminal Minds 300th episode sneak peek may cause some tears

Criminal Minds
We knew that the Criminal Minds 300th episode on CBS tonight would be implementing at least a few flashbacks. What we didn’t quite expect was just how emotional some of these flashbacks would be.

The sneak peek below offers up at least a small sense as to what’s coming up, as you can see a brief montage of when many of the characters first introduced themselves to viewers — that goes all the way back to the first season! It’s pretty remarkable to look back at the early days of JJ, Reid, Rossi, Garcia, Prentiss, and more to see where they are now. Obviously, we have known some of these characters so much longer than others, but Rossi says it right in his speech at the end of the sneak peek: Some of these people have known each other longer than a decade. They are a family, much as we’ve become a collective Criminal Minds family over time watching it.

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The Criminal Minds family, both on-screen and off, is a powerful unit. It’s a group who fears some of the UnSubs, loves the stories, and relishes just about every possible opportunity to get to know these characters better. Sometimes, the personal sideplots are few and far between, but we still embrace them and talk about them. This series has gone on for so long that a number of these characters feel like a natural part of our everyday lives. We know them and deeply care for them as though they are real, and that’s why we get so broken-up at the thought of someone leaving.

Also, this is why we’re so sad about the idea of Criminal Minds ending; we don’t want to see the family at the BAU go away. Luckily, there’s at least no indication that this is the final season.

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What are you the most emotional about entering the 300th episode of Criminal Minds? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments!

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